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Graphs can be exported to an XML file for use in other levels. The graph structure, including all nodes and links, is exported. However, the entities to which the nodes refer are not exported. You will need to reset the target entities after importing.

When a graph has been imported, the nodes without the target entities will display a red Choose Entity highlight when targets have to be reassigned.


To export a graph, open it and select the nodes that you want to export.

Open the context menu by right-clicking anywhere in the main editing pane, and then Selection -> Export Selected Nodes.

A new window will be displayed and it will prompt you to specify a file name for the exported graph.

Select a name and click Save to finish exporting the graph.


To import a previously exported graph into another graph, first open the graph that you want to add the exported graph to.

Open the context menu by right-clicking the main editing pane, and then select Import.

Select the XML file containing the graph and click OK to finish importing the graph.

Or you can right click directly inside the flowgraph window and import the graph from there.

The imported graph will not be inserted into the new graph at the position of the mouse pointer; it'll be positioned relative to the old graph.
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