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You can access the tools to customize Keyboard Shortcuts Tools > Customize Keyboard .

Perspective Viewport  
Viewport Navigation  
 W,A,S,D Dolly Camera in Viewport
 ShiftW,A,S,D Navigate in Viewport with double speed
CtrlF1 - F12Store camera rotation & position in buffer (will be saved with level)
ShiftF1 - F12Restore camera rotation & position saved in buffer (will be saved with level)
Tool Operations  
 1Move Tool
 2Rotate Tool
 3Scale Tool
 4Select Tool
 5Select Area Tool
CtrlWtoggles between World & Local Coordinate system
Ctrl1Axis Constrain: Terrain
Ctrl3Axis Constrain: X Axis
Ctrl2Axis Constrain: XY Plane
Ctrl4Axis Constrain: Y Axis
 GToggles Grid Snap
Display & Select Objects  
 HHide selected object
CtrlHUnhide All
 FFreeze: selected objects will be unselected and can not be selected anymore
CtrlFUnFreeze All: formerly frozen objects can be selected again
ShiftSpaceToggles helper icons in the viewport
Shift + CtrlSpaceLock Current Selection
CtrlTShow Select Object panel
Shift + CtrlFActivates Search in Perspective Viewport: objects with names matching the search string will automatically selected
CtrlGSwitch to Game in Editor
 EscapeStops Game in Editor
CtrlPToggles Realtime Physics and AI
File Operations  
CtrlOOpen Level
CtrlSSave Level
CtrlEExport to Engine
Shift + CtrlLLoad Group
Shift + CtrlSSave Group
Edit Operations  
Shift + CtrlZRedo
Ctrl + AltHHold: creates a temporary copy of the status of your level file
Ctrl + AltFFetch: restores a temporary copy of your level file which you stored via HOLD
CtrlCClone selected object
 DeleteDelete selected object
CTRLVPaste Text
Panels & Windows  
 MOpen Material Editor
Ctrl + AltSPACEQuick Access Console: opens an onscreen console under the cursor
 TOpen Track View Panel
 `Show Console Window
 ~Show Console Window
CtrlTabCycle through 2D Viewports (top, front, left)
 F3Toggle Wireframe mode
 ZFrame selected objects