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Since 3.8.6 the magnet tool has been merged to the Lathe tool so it has got much simpler to create a shape with the Lathe tool.


The lathe tool is to create a mesh by extruding each edge of a profile polygon along a path. The user can make a complicated model with this tool without a big effort.

How To Use

  1. Draw a path with the primitive creation tools.(e.g. Line, Curve, Rectangle and Disc tools)
    The path can be both closed shape and non-closed shape.
    - Close shape examples
     - Non-closed Shapes examples.


  2. Make a profile polygon. The closed and non-closed forms are all possible to be used as a profile polygon.
    - Profile polygon's examples.
    The profile polygon and path polygon need to be in the same designer object.

  3. Go to the Lathe tool. The first thing you have to do is to select a profile polygon.
    The blue and green points on the selected polygon are displayed as follows. The blue points point out each vertex of the profile polygon and the green points point out the bound rectangle's vertices and the centers of the bound rectangle's edges.

  4. Select a point among the blue and green points to set a pivot and then choose an another point to set the up direction of the profile polygon.

  5. Move the mouse cursor to a point on the path polygon, which can be either of closed and non-closed form.
    Usually the blue boxes are displayed on the available points of the path polygon as a starting position

  6. Click LMB and then you can see the shapes created along the path.





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