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The Sandbox Terrain Textures tool has a built in functionality which allows you to Import and Export layer setups to be used across multiple levels.

Exporting Layers

Open the Terrain Textures dialog. For this example we're going to use the Texture layers from the Forest sample level.

With the Terrain Textures dialog open, click File -> Export Layers

This will open a file dialog window which will allow you to export a layers (.lay) file anywhere you wish, in order to be imported at a later stage.

Importing Layers

Now that we've exported our layers from Forest, let's go ahead and load up a new level and import those layers into it.

Once you have your new level open, open the Terrain Textures dialog again and click File -> Import Layers

This will again open a file dialog window. Navigate to your layers (.lay) file which you saved in the previous step and open it.

You'll notice all of your materials, textures and settings have been successfully imported into your new level. This can be a major time saver if you're dealing with similar environments with beyond-standard settings.

Imported terrain piece repainted in just a few minutes

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