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The Sandbox Editor contains a powerful Particle editing tool to give you access to CRYENGINE's advanced particle system, which artists and level designers use to create realistic explosions, fire, smoke effects and much more.

Please also refer to the the Shader Reference page for more information on the Particles Shader.

In This Topic

  • Particle Editor OverviewThe Particle Editor can be found in the Database View/Particles tab. You can use the Particle Editor to create particle effects and tweak their parameters, but also manage and store them.
  • Particle Editor ParamsThis article breaks down the parameter categories that make up the particle editor and are used to customize particles.
  • Particle ReferenceThis is a reference document for the features of particles, as well as for their authoring environment.
  • Using Particles in AnimationsLearn how to set up particles in animations.
  • Particle Editor Advanced TechniquesIn this article you'll find information on advanced techniques you can use with the Particle Editor to achieve better results.
  • Particle TutorialsThis page hosts links to Particle tutorials ranging from Beginner to Advanced.
  • Particle Entities