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Player Free Look Ranges Setup

If the Cutscene flag is enabled, the player can move the analogue stick or the mouse to rotate the cutscene camera on his own within a certain range.

To control which max ranges are allowed at which time, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the sequence's main node (or on empty white space) -> Add Script Variable
  • Create four of these nodes and call them:
    • Cinematic_CameraLookUp
    • Cinematic_CameraLookDown
    • Cinematic_CameraLookLeft
    • Cinematic_CameraLookRight
  • If you do not want the camera to recenter after some time of input inactivity, you need to create and call the following node with a value of 1:
    • Cinematic_CameraDoNotCenter

Now you can set values in these tracks for each of the four directions. The number you'll set will be the amount of degrees the camera can be moved beyond its default position for the respective frame.

It is possible to "animate" these values, e.g. you could slowly decrease a value to 0 to make it less obvious that it gets disabled at a certain point.

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