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In Flow Graph, you can communicate directly to and from a prefab instance just like an entity by using prefab events. Just create an event inside a prefab, give it a name and then reference the prefab instance as you normally do an entity.

Steps to use prefab events

  1. Inside any prefab flowgraph, add Prefab:EventSource nodes for each event you want (note: you must be inside a prefab's flowgraph otherwise will get errors)
  2. Assign a name to the event
  3. Outside the prefab's flowgraph, in any entity's flowgraph, select a prefab instance you want to send/receive events from and click "Add Selected Entity":
  4. Connect logic to the prefab instance events

Important notes

  • Whenever deleting Prefab:EventSource nodes, this will remove the event but won't remove flownode port connections to that event. As a rule of thumb, always remove all uses of that event before removing.
  • Always make sure to communicate with other level designers when removing prefab events as you might have removed the event which is referenced in other levels.
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