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Procedural Clips are clips that can be placed in fragments and allow to execute custom code in synch with the rest of the fragment. They are sequenced like other clips so are started (entered), stopped (exited) for you and can have custom parameters, trigger and blend duration timing.

We have Procedural Clips that range all the way from playing a sound, controlling joints on a character, to aligning an entity to a location specified by the game. Programmers can easily add new types.

Sensible use of these can let you be more hands off with the animation. E.g. no need to split animations to match sequencing to object swaps.

Game code can communicate with procedural clips through parameters or procedural contexts (not to be confused with scope contexts).


For a list of supported Procedural Clips and short descriptions, see Procedural Clip Types.

(procedural clips that appear in the editor and their default parameter values are listed in the file Scripts/Mannequin/ProcDefs.xml)

Creating & Editing Procedural Clips

Procedural clips are placed on procedural layers within fragments in the Mannequin Fragment Editor.

Further Reading

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