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The Radial Blur node in Track View allows to add a radial blur screen effect.

It simulates the blur of a zooming or rotating camera to produce a soft blur.

The Track View node has the same functions as its Flowgraph equivalent (see below).

To add a Radial Blur node:

  • Right-click the main node.
  • Select Add Radial Blur Node.

Available tracks:





Range: 0 to 1

Controls the intensity of the blur effect.


Range: -1 to 1

The X position of the effect's center. Middle of the screen is 0.5, edge of the screen is -1 or 1.


Range: -1 to 1

Same as above, but on the Y axis.

Blurring Radius

Range: 0 to 1

Controls the size of the blur effect. 1 makes it cover the whole screen, 0 means it isn't visible.

Flowgraph Alternative

Radial Blur can also be triggered in Flowgraph by using the Image:FilterRadialBlur node.

Most of the time it is better to use the Track View node because of the following advantages:

  • You can see the radial blur effect while scrubbing or playing the sequence in the Editor.
  • It's easier to animate the effect because you can use keys and function curves for each track.

The only disadvantage is that it can't be used dynamically as its Flowgraph counterpart. For example, if you want the blur intensity to be based on a variable like the player's health, you'll have to use the Flowgraph node instead.

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