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The stair tool provides an easy way to help you create a staircase on the designer object.

One of the biggest characteristics is that you can create stairs having uniform a step size even though the sizes of stairs are different by adjusting a tread size automatically so that a character can rise.




Step Rise

The size of each step rise.


Mirrors a stair against an invisible plane centered.

90 Degree

Rotates a stair by 90 degrees maintaining the width, height and depth of a box.


The width of the stair.


The height of the stair.


The depth of the stair.

How to Use

Draw a rectangle holding LMB.

Raise to a desired height by moving the mouse up and down. Make sure that each tread changes keeping each rise automatically.

The Stair will be created along a direction with a longer size between the width and depth directions.

If you want to create the stair along the shorter direction, turn on the 90 degree checkbox in the Stair Attributes.

If you turn on the Mirror checkbox in the Stair Attributes, the stair will be mirrored against an invisible plane centered.

Pressing LMB will complete the creation of the stair. Before starting on another action, you can modify the stair by entering values in the Stair Attributes panel.

If you create a stair on the designer object, the stair will be glued to the object to be one as follows. See the triangulated faces.

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