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How to...

Link an object to a character

See: Attaching Entities to Character Bones.

Make nicer screen shakes in Track View

See: Camera Shake

Smoothly scrub Trackviews

You may use the CurveEditor to scrub Trackview timeline without snapping. Access in Trackview editor by going to View -> Both or just press B.

Touch/select keys in Trackview without moving them

If you have Snapping enabled in Trackview (which you always should have!) it may happen that a key which is not on the current grid snaps to the nearest grid line which often isn't intended and leads to problems.

To avoid that do not select such keys by clicking on them, but rather draw a selection marker around it:

Find out which Track View sequences are currently playing when in-game

Typing mov_debugEvents 1 into the console will show the names of all active sequences.

Fixing the Problem That...

Characters appear in T-pose when starting a scene

If the problem only appears in game mode or on consoles and not when scrubbing, try to use Animation PreCaching.

Trackevent nodes don't update

Until the bug of non-updating trackevent nodes after changing them is fixed it is faster to just mark and delete them and then undo that deletion. The node will be updated with new events and the links are intact. This eliminates the need for re-loading the level.

Characters "popping" during a cut-scene, when teleporting them to new locations

Sometimes during a cut-scene, you may need to re-position the characters for that perfect shot. Sometimes this can lead to some of them popping into existence for a frame or so when playing the cut-scene back in-game. To resolve this problem there are a few things to keep an eye on with the Trackview sequence properties & also the AnimObjects properties.

In the TrackView sequence Ppoperties, make sure that:

  • Enable 'Cut Scene'.
  • Enable 'Update Movie System First'.

2. In the Entity properties of the AnimObject:

  • Enable 'AlwaysUpdate'
  • Enable 'RenderAlways'



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