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TrackView is used to create in-engine cutscenes. Here you will learn how to use TrackView to create your own cinematics.

Track View Basics

Track View Editor
The Track View is used for creating cinematic scenes from the Sandbox Editor.

Introduction to Track View
Basics of Track View.

Creating a Basic Cinematic Scene
This tutorial will take you through the steps of setting up a basic cinematic scene in CRYENGINE.

Using Track Events
This document will guide you through setting up and using Track Events in the Track View and Flow Graph editors.

Sequence Toolbar
This document explains the different settings you can setup for your Track View sequence and also functionality of the Track View's Toolbar Icons.

Animating Entity Position and Rotation
Basics of animating an Entity's Position and Rotation.

Cinematic Optimization Guidelines
Optimization and Profiling guidelines for Cinematics.

Track View General Tips
Tips and Tricks for new Track View users.

Track View Nodes

Track View Nodes
List of all Track View nodes.

Screen Fader Node
How to use the Screen Fader node.

Color Correction Node
Using Color Correction node in Track View.

HDR Setup Node
How to use the HDR Setup node.

Radial Blur Node
Functionality of Radial Blur node.

Console Variable Node
Adding and using a Console Variable node.

Comment Node
Adding Comments to your Track View sequence.


Camera Usage and Functionality
Using Cameras in CRYENGINE.

Animating the Camera by Moving the Viewport
How to animate the camera by navigating the viewport.

Camera blending in and out of Camera Controlled Events
How to properly blend Cameras in and out of Camera controlled events.

Making the Camera Point at a Target
Viewing around a target object by creating Target Cameras.

Proper Depth of Field Setup and Usage
Explains the proper setup and usage of Depth of Field in CRYENGINE.

Setting up First Person Camera
How to setup a First Person Camera.

Orbit Camera
How to setup an orbiting camera that follows an object.

Camera Shake in Track View
Demonstrates adding camera shakes to your cutscenes.

Characters & Animations for Cinematics

Characters and Animations for Cinematics
Creating Cinematics with Characters and Animated Objects

Actors in Cinematics
Use of Actors in Track View Sequences.

Character Interaction with Objects in a Sequence
Character Picking or Moving Objects in a Sequence.

Look IK for Cinematics
You can use Look IK feature to make characters look at specific targets in a sequence.

Facial Animations in Cinematics
How to add Facial Animations in Track View.

Animation Blending in Track View
There are two different types of animation blending in Track View.

Aligning the First Person Camera
How to setup a First Person Camera and fitting it to First Person animations.

Animation Pre-Caching
Animation Pre-Caching helps to solve streaming problems.


Jumping Ahead/Back in a Scene
Using the GoTo track available in Track View, you can jump to specific time in a sequence based on player interaction.

Quick Time Events
Explains the different type of quick time events that can be created in CRYENGINE.

Player Free Look Ranges
Allowing the player to look around during a cutscene.

Track View Additional Features

Track View Additional Features
Additional Functionality in Track View.

Controller Rumble Function
Explains how to setup force feedback in cinematics.

Capturing Frames from Track View
How to output an image sequence from Track View.

Importing and Exporting Track View Nodes
Importing and Exporting Track View Nodes to or from 3ds Max and Maya.

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