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The VolumeObject shader is a special shader designed to be used with the VolumeObject entity.

VolumeObject Shader Properties

The VolumeObject requires the VolumeObject shader in order to render. A basic example material can be found in materials/clouds/volumeobject.mtl or you can create one with your own settings.

Material Parameter


Diffuse Color

Defines color for shadowed areas of the the volume object. It's modulated with the current sky color.

Specular Color

Defines color for directly lit areas of the volume object. It's modulated with the current sun color.

Shader Parameters

Although some parameters are exposed on a material level, most visual changes are done through Time of Day.

Shader Params


Alpha Saturation

Alpha saturation of the cloud texture.


Attenuation of the light scattered through the cloud.


Multiplier for the Sky Color.


Step size through the cloud texture.


Multiplier for the Sun Color.

Shader Generation Parameters

Volume objects expose the following shader generation parameters via the Shader Generation Params section inside the Material editor.

Shader Gen Param


Soft Intersections

Enables soft intersections with (opaque) scene geometry. Consider enabling this feature only for volume objects that need it due to increased pixel shading cost.

Soft intersections disabled (left) and enabled (right)

Back Lighting

Enables back lighting of volume objects. The silhouette will slightly glow when viewed against the sun.

Back lighting disabled (left) and enabled (right)

Soft Jittering

Softens the effect of jittering on volume objects.

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