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This article will run through the steps of connecting to Statoscope.


  • Run the game or jump in-game in the editor.
  • set e_StatoscopeEnabled 1, to enable statoscope.
  • Set e_StatoscopeDataGroups to what you want, e.g. "fgu" will get you frame length, graphics stats and user markers. Default datagroups :"fgmtuO".
  • Set e_StatoscopeLogDestination to:
    • 1 for socket logging and choose File -> Connect in the tool.
    • 0 for file logging and drag the file from “statoscope/perflog.bin” file into the tool (copy off the console first for xb360).
  • Launch Statoscope & connect to your target platform.


Statoscope will connect to any console / platform that is connected directly to the PC or via an IP address specified in the connection dialog. 

Opening logs

Read from a file


In 3.6.3 & below

If you chose e_StatoscopeLogDestination = 0 The session file is stored in the location: BuildRoot\statoscope\*.bin

As of 3.6.4

If you chose e_StatoscopeLogDestination = 0 The session file is stored in the location: BuildRoot\user\statoscope\*.bin



You can open logs in a few different ways:

  • Dragging a log file onto the tool window.
  • Using the File -> Open log menu.
  • Connecting to a running game with File -> Connect.

Each log opens a new tab. When you open a log that has been recorded across several levels with the user marker data group enabled ('u'), each level is also opened in its own tab (this is based on level start and end user markers).

Middle click on a tab to close it.

By default, every stat will be drawn, which is usually far too many to be useful at once, so the first thing to do is often to trim the view down to what you want.

There aren't any progress bars at the moment  so if you load a big log, the tool will freeze for a while as it processes the data.

Socket logging

From File -> Connect you can connect to a running version of the game whose e_StatoscopeLogDestination is set to 1.

Choose the target platform you want to connect to.

If Log to file is enabled you will be given the option of saving the log to disk for opening later.

A slight limitation at the moment is that you must have enabled at least one data group before connecting. You can change data groups on the fly once connected.

If for any reason the connection fails, you can reset it by setting e_StatoscopeLogDestination to a different value (e.g. 2) and then back to 1 again, and then reconnect.

First look

Here's what you'll typically see when opening Statoscope:

This is the default view with everything enabled, & the entire log fit to screen.

From here, you can start turning off the un-needed data groups and zooming out the display to make the graph more readable.

Viewport controls

In the main graph window:

  • Left click & drag pans
  • Right click & drag zooms
  • Right click & drag left / right scales the view horizontally
  • Right click & drag up / down scales the view vertically
  • Right click & drag top right / bottom left with scale both horizontally & vertically at the same time. 
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