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Welcome to the Technical Documentation area of the CRYENGINE docs. This area hosts documentation on key components such as Game Programming, Rendering, Networking, AI Technical Documentation, Tools and other various topics.

Below you'll find a list of common topics for users who are just getting to know CRYENGINE from a technical standpoint.

In This Topic

  • Getting Started with Game CodeThis document covers basic information on using and compiling Game Source Code, software needed and so on.
  • LauncherInformation about the "Launcher" executable, which allows you to play CRYENGINE games in "pure" game mode, instead of in the Editor.
  • Using Console and Config FilesInformation on how to alter existing or create new configuration files as well as basic Engine Console usage.
  • Directory StructureThis article provides an overview of CRYENGINE's directory structure, which folders contain what files and what those files do.
  • Visual Studio supported versions

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