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Statoscope is a tool to plot graphs from data logged on a per-frame basis, and more generally, it's the system that produces and manages that data.

In essence, it provides a way of recording values (e.g. fps, number of drawcalls, etc.) from the CRYENGINE and showing how they change over the course of a play-through, and over several play-throughs.

Most of the tool functionality just controls presenting this data in useful ways, such as basic processing (averaging, local max), stats (min/max/average, buckets), comparison with other logs and in game screenshots and user markers for gameplay reference.

Currently there are three ways of displaying data:

  • lines (e.g. fps, number of drawcalls).
  • bars (e.g. function profiles, per entity bandwidth stats).
  • intervals (e.g. status of queued streaming tasks).

User markers (vertical lines that show when infrequent actions occur, e.g. invalid file access, level load/unload).

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