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CRYENGINE supports redirecting the <GameFolder> folder to a completely different directory on the hard disk.

You can use this feature to share the same build assets with multiple code branches (particularly with your local or work in progress ones), which has the added benefit of making switching between multiple builds much easier and faster.

Note, depending on your engine version, this may only work for the Sandbox Editor and not the Launcher. As of CRYENGINE 3.6.5, this functionality should work for both Editor and Launcher.

Directing the Engine to a Different Game Folder

To direct the Engine to a different <GameFolder>, change the sys_game_folder variable in the system.cfg file, found in the root directory of your CRYENGINE build.

Add or edit the following line to the system.cfg file:


Where C:\CurrentProject\Game is the path of the directory.

Make sure the folder path is wrapped in quotation marks.

Save the system.cfg file and start Editor/Launcher as you normally would.

Now the engine will use the game assets from C:\CurrentProject\Game folder instead of the \GameSDK\ folder found in the root directory. Also note that all .paks will open from the specified directory as well.

Note About Internal vs External Game Folders

If you're staying within the <root> folder of the CRYENGINE directory then do not fully path it, simply list the folder name. For example, by default this is: sys_game_folder=GameSDK.

Only fully path like exampled above when your GameFolder is located outside of the CRYENGINE <root>.