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The Code Folder is one of the core folders in the CryEngine. It hosts all the Engine code as well as the game project code such as GameSDK. This is where you should place your game project.

A variety of file types can be found here which can be grouped into three categories:

Example of a wscript that simply instructs WAF to search in MyModuleFolder and MyOtherModule folder for further wscript files, relative to this wscript itself.

def build(bld):
    # Recursive into all sub projects    

Example of a wscript defining a build module "MyModule" that can be targeted by WAF Spec Files (*.json). The module is composed by the WAF File List: my_module.waf_files

def build(bld):
        target     = 'MyModule',
        vs_filter  = 'MyModule',        
        file_list  = 'my_module.waf_files',
        pch        = 'StdAfx.cpp' 

WAF File List

Compilation and project relevant files

Compilation and project relevant files are files of any type that are relevant to your project. In-order to make them visible and add them to the WAF build chain, compilation relevant files have to be added to the file tree files (*.waf_files) of the relevant module.






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