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This section covers all command supported by WAF which are not related to building the CryEngine.

cry_waf.exe --help

Shows the help screen, an overview about all commands and options supported by WAF.

cry_waf.exe configure

Performs a configure step. This operations checks some compiler settings and caches those.

Very much like the ./configure operation used for linux projects.

cry_waf.exe msvs

Generates a Visual Studio Solution and Projects which can be used to build the CryEngine with WAF.

cry_waf.exe generate_uber_files

Generates Uber files which are used to speed up compilation by merging multiple translation units into a single

large translation units.


This section covers all commands relevant for building projects with WAF. It features also an overview about all build options, since those are mostly relevant for

building projects.

cry_waf.exe build_<platform>_<compiler>_<configuration>

This command performs a build operation; all dependencies are checked, and all needed compile tasks are executed to generate the final executables and libraries.

  • <platform>: refers to one of the supported target platforms.
  • <compiler>: refers to one of the supported target compilers for the selected platform.
  • <configuration>: refers to one of the supported build configurations.


cry_waf.exe clean_<platform>_<compiler>_<configuration>

This command performs a clean operation; all intermediate files previously generated by another build command. Follows the same pattern for <platform> and <configuration> as the build command.


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