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Thinking about using QT in your project? 
WAF supports compiling QT moc files (Meta-Object-Compiler). See and search for Meta-Object-Compiler for more information.

To enable/disable moccing of particular files you first have to:

  1. Add the "qt" feature to your WAF Module File (wscript).
  2. Feed the module with a list of files you like to be mocced.

WAF Module
# wscript relative path

def build(bld):    
        target      = 'MyQTPlugin',
        vs_filter   = 'Plugins',
        file_list   = 'file_list.waf_files',  
        features        = 'qt', # add the QT moc feature to this WAF module
        qt_to_moc_files = QT_TO_MOC_FILES  #list of files to go through the QT moc process


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