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  1. Flow Graph

    Overview Flow Graph is the built-in tool that is used to control events and game logic within the levels. The Flow Graph window consists of nine different … be in the background and use all the space that is available. 1. Menu Bar File eOption Description New Opens an empty Flow Graph. (Preferred
    CRYENGINE V ManualOct 24, 2019
  2. Flow Graph Debugger

    Overview The Flow Graph Debugger enhances the integrated Flow Graph Editor for debugging any given Flow Graph.  You can add Breakpoints to any input or output ports of a given node. When an input or output port with a Breakpoint gets triggered by the Flow Graph system, the game will be paused. Then the Flow Graph
    CRYENGINE V ManualOct 09, 2019
  3. Creating and Managing Flow Graphs

    is also automatically saved. Select the entity in the viewport, and navigate to the Flow Graph section under Properties tab. There are three buttons: Open, List, and Remove. There are two ways to create a new graph for an entity: Click Open in the Flow Graph section under Properties tab to create a new Flow Graph
    CRYENGINE V ManualOct 09, 2019
  4. How to Use Flow Graph

    Overview Flow Graph is a visual scripting system embedded within the CRYENGINE Sandbox Editor. The main advantage of the Flow Graph Editor is that users do … logic in single-player levels, the Flow Graph can also be used to create prototype gameplay, effects, and sound design. Levels can have multiple graphs
    CRYENGINE V ManualSep 09, 2019
  5. Flow Graph Tokens

    for performing simple logic manipulations and checks within the flow graph script. Graph Tokens in Action Graph Tokens in the Flow Graph Editor share many similarities … important to understand that unlike Game Tokens, Flow Graph Tokens can only be used locally to a single flow graph.  They are typically used to communicate
    CRYENGINE V ManualOct 09, 2019
  6. Audio Entities & Flow Graph Nodes

    audEntTitle.png Overview CRYENGINE contains several Audio Entities and Flow Graph nodes which are detailed below. Audio Trigger Spot The Audio Trigger … event. If no stop event is assigned, the sound will stop playing immediately once the respective Flow Graph node input is triggered. Trigger Areas On Move
    CRYENGINE V ManualNov 25, 2019
  7. Flow Graph Basics

    ProximityTrigger location.jpg It is generally a good idea to use Flow Graph to script the game to spawn the player at the spawn point. Otherwise when you run … Create Flow Graph and give it a logical name, like "SpawnPoint". Then right-click in the Flowgraph and choose Add Node -> Game -> Start. Next, make sure you have
    CRYENGINE V ManualOct 14, 2019
  8. 7 - Flow Graph Modules

    6 - Entity Communication 8 - Whereto next With FG? What are Flow Graph Modules? One of the nicest features of Flow Graph that most users skip on using … as Level modules. The Modules exist in their own section of Flow Graph and can have ports exposed to be able to dynamically populate variable types
    CRYENGINE V ManualOct 02, 2019
  9. 1 - Flow Graph Scene Setup

    Tutorial - Getting Started With Flow Graph 2 - Spawning your Player  Scripting Overview Scripting through a graphing interface lends itself to designers … will be using GameSDK to utilize the various entities that have been exposed through Lua scripting, thus allowing for us to prototype even faster. Adding a Flow Graph
    CRYENGINE V ManualOct 02, 2019
  10. Flow Graph Node Reference

    Overview This document will give you an overview of the CRYENGINE Flow Graph Node system and its usage. Note that each Flow Graph Node in CRYENGINE should be accompanied by helper/description text which can be referenced from within the How to Use Flow Graph. With that in mind, this section will give more
    CRYENGINE V ManualOct 14, 2019