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Parameters in this tab control the lighting of the particle.

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Diffuse Lighting

Multiplier to the particle color for dynamic (diffuse) lighting.

Diffuse Backlighting

Fraction of diffuse lighting that is applied to unlit particle directions.

  • 0 = standard diffuse lighting, where the normals facing the light are lit the most.
  • 1 = omnidirectional diffuse lighting, where lights affects all normals equally.

Emissive Lighting

Multiplier to the particle color for constant emissive lighting. This can make a glowish appearance to the particle by adding some value.

Receive Shadows

Allows shadows to be cast on the particles.

Cast Shadows

Allows particles to cast shadows.


This is only for Geometry particles.

Not Affected By Fog

Causes particles to ignores scene fog.

Global Illumination

Allows the particle to receive global illumination from the environment.

Diffuse Cubemap

Use nearest deferred cubemap for diffuse lighting.

Light Source

Causes each particle to create a deferred light. Color is equal to the Color value.

  • Affects This Area Only: For use with Clip Volumes. When enabled, the particle lights do not exceed the volume boundary.
  • Radius: Radius of the light.
  • Intensity: Intensity of the light. HDRDynamic: Control the power to apply to engine HDR multiplier, for particle light source in HDR.


Parameters in this tab browse and control the sound files.