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A clean and stable image is very important for the perceived graphics quality. CRYENGINE offers a highly efficient post-processing based anti-aliasing (AA) solution that can be controlled with the CVar r_AntialiasingMode. Anti-Aliasing and its effectiveness can vary from user to user as some prefer a very sharp image, whilst others prefer a blurrier image.

CRYENGINE gives developers and their players all of the most effective and technically sophisticated modes to suit their preferences.

The following anti-aliasing techniques are available with user controlled settings for a number of samples and overall quality per mode. Each mode has very different implications in terms of overall performance, quality and sharpness.


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, this is why we ship with several options to suit the users needs.

In addition to the post-processing based AA, CRYENGINE also supports supersampling for very high quality rendering. 


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No AASMAA Low (1X)

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SMAA Med (1TX)

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SMAA High (2TX)FXAA (1X)


Below is a table that lists the currently used AA modes within CRYENGINE, all are variations of the CVar r_AntialiasingMode.


Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing is the mode with the best performance of the pack, while offering fairly reasonable image quality.
It's a post process solution, hence it doesn't tackle any sub pixel information, some shimmering might be noticeable on slow camera movements due to lack of sub pixel movement.

AA Mode



No Anti-Aliasing

Some users prefer not to have any

Disables post-processing based anti-aliasing solution and instead opt for a higher resolution rather than spending their system resources on anti-aliasing. Mostly useful for debugging.

SMAA_Low (1X)Our Sub-pixel


Enables Subpixel Morphological Anti-Aliasing , or SMAA, solution on low settings, offers the second best performance from the pack, while better filtering diagonal details on original image and introducing much less blurring, compared to FXAA.
This mode is post process based also, hence doesn't tackle sub pixel details(SMAA) which removes jaggies (staircase artifacts) at polygon edges.

SMAA_Med (1TX)

On medium quality setup, this mode now tackles additionally sub-pixel information via an approximate fast Super Sampling Anti-aliasing approximation, reusing previous frame data.
This mode also helps alleviate slight shading aliasing. This mode we believe for most hardware configurations is the best compromise for performance and quality, being just slightly more expensive than SMAA low mode.


Enables SMAA with basic temporal re-projection to reduce pixel crawling.

SMAA_High (2TX)

The high quality setup mode, introduces also MSAA 2x usage for 2 additional sub samples for via HW multi-sampling.
Such additional information allows again for better handling of little details resulting in overall less noticeable geometry based aliasing/shimmering.
This mode offers an affordable and robust solution across several scenarios and comparable in quality to MSAA 8x and even surpassing on most cases due to Super Sampling usage.



Enables SMAA with an enhanced temporal re-projection including matrix jittering. Usually this mode provides the best image quality but can suffer from some occasionally flickering edges.



In addition to the post-processing based AA, CRYENGINE supports supersampling for very high quality rendering. Supersampling renders the scene at a higher resolution and downscales the image in the end to obtain smooth and stable edges. Due to the high internal rendering resolution, supersampling is very performance heavy and only suitable for high end PCs.


r_supersampling 0/1Disables supersampling (default = 1)
r_supersampling 2Enables 2x2 supersampling


Supersampling can also be used in combination with the post-processing based AA to further improve image quality.