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This section covers all commands relevant for building projects with WAF. It features also an overview about all build options, since those are mostly relevant for

building projects.

cry_waf.exe build_<platform>_<compiler>_<configuration>

This command performs a build operation; all dependencies are checked, and all needed compile tasks are executed to generate the final executables and libraries.

  • <platform>: referrs to one of the supported target platforms


  • .
  • <compiler>: referrs to one of the supported target compilers for the selected platform.
  • <configuration>: referrs to one of the supported build configurations.


cry_waf.exe clean_<platform>_<compiler>_<configuration>

This command performs a clean operation; all intermediate files previosly generated by another build command. Follows the same pattern for <platform> and <configuration> as the build command.