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You can find the Layer Tab on the RollupBar. On the Layers tab are a few useful buttons and the layer list. By default, the levels objects will be located on the "main" layer.

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In the screenshot that several layers have an asterisk after them. This shows layers that have had changes made to them.


To create a new layer, click the New Layer button. After clicking on it, a dialog box will be displayed:

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Be sure to enter a useful and recognizable name for your layer, possibly indicating its function or a description of what it contains. For example "beach area" or "sounds".

In the dialog box you can also specify if the Layer is visible, is frozen, Export Layer Pak, Default Loaded, is external, will be exported to the game, or Brushes Have Physics.

Also you can specify which platform to export the layer to. Default = Export to all platform.

Deleting a Layer

Click the Delete Layer button to delete the currently selected layer. A dialog box will show up and ask for confirmation.


The image below shows a Particle entity selected, and the Layers button selected on the RollupBar.

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By default any object is placed in the layer "Main", unless you have selected another from the layers menu.


  • Toggling the eye icon will hide/show the objects on that layer.
  • Toggling the arrow icon will allow interaction with objects when the icon is visible (objects are unfrozen), and disallow interaction when the icon is hidden (objects are frozen).

Additionally, we have 2 extra icons on the top of the stack that controls the visibility or frozen state of all the layers. When all layers are visible or editable, the icon will show.

Once a layer is hidden, the icon will disappear. You can toggle the icon yourself to hide / show all the layers at once.

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Optional double clicking of layer states

Double clicking on an icon will make make all layers  layers change their state of hide/show or frozen/unfrozen, depending on which icon was selected.

We also have the option to disable the double clicking of layers completely. Inside the preferences panel of the editor, there is a new option for this.

Once disabled you can still use the 2 icons at the top of the stack to toggle all the layers at once.


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Grouping Layers (Child Layers)