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Starting CRYENGINE Sandbox

Crytek recommends using a 64-bit computer for production work with Sandbox. On a 64-bit PC, CRYENGINE Sandbox can be started by running the Editor.exe application found in the Bin64 directory.



As of CRYENGINE 3.6, only the 64-bit Editor is supported.


It is also possible to run the Sandbox Editor in 32-bit mode, by starting the Editor.exe application from the Bin32 directory.
The 32-bit version is just provided as-is without any further support by Crytek. Using the 32-bit version of Sandbox might result in the application crashing when doing a lot of editing work on a level.

Welcome Screen

When you start the Sandbox Editor, after initial load, you'll be greeted with a welcome screen. This screen will give you a few options on what you can do next: