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Before we get started, we will need to create a Project to work from for the duration of this guide. In the steps below we will use CRYENGINE V's Launcher to create our project. After completing this step, you will have a Template that you can build onto for your future projects.


This Quick Start assumes that you have the main CRYENGINE programming prerequisites:

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CEPROG:Getting Started__
CEPROG:Getting Started__



  1. Once you have created the project, select the Blank C++ game template.

  2. Name our project. 

  3.     Select where the project should be stored.


The project files are stored separately from the engine. A .cryproject file will be generated for you, ; this can be right-clicked to reveal helper functionality or opened with a text editor to reveal JSON detailing the project.


When you're done, press 'click Create Project' in order to trigger project generation. Once this is done you will  to create your project. You will then be returned to the main Launcher screen where . Here, you can launch the Editor or the Game. I.e., creating Creating a project does not automatically open it.





To start, open up the CRYENGINE Launcher and press 'click New' in the Projects menu.

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This will then take you to the Create Project screen, in which we can select an engine version, preferred language, a project template, a project filename and path .