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CryEngine features several methods of analyzing job performance at run-time as well as in offline mode.

  • For a quick overview of the current worker load, use the console command Profile 1.
  • For a more detailed overview used the Statoscope tool which can be found in the game_branch/Tools folder.

Profile 1

The console command Profile1 displays information of individual jobs and their execution time.


(Note: Do not worry about the frame timings in this picture. The screenshot was taken in windowed + out of focus mode on PC)

How to use:

  • In-game console command: Profile 1


Job Types:

  • None-Blocking
  • Blocking
  • SPU (PS3 only)


Note: The execution time of a job is added to the frame it was executed in. A job that is executing over more than 3 frames may lead to incorrect results.


Statoscope offers live as well as offline analysis of data on a per frame basis.

Link to the Statoscope Guide where more information about the tool can be found.

How to use:

Step 1:

  • In the in game console type: e_StatoscopeLogDestination 1


  • Connect to the platform the game is running on


Job Information Individual:



An overview of the Job Profiling system with built-in profile options and Statoscope.


This tool visualizes the job activity spread across the the different threads.