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Cameras present a scene from a particular point of view. You can add a Camera from the RollupBar. It's available in Objects > Misc.

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This section provides you tutorials and documentation regarding the use of cameras in CRYENGINE.

  • Camera Blending
    How to properly blend Cameras in and out of Camera controlled events.
  • Depth of Field
    Explains the proper setup and usage of Depth of Field in CryENGINE 3.



摄像机从一个很特别的视角展示了一个场景,您可以从 Rollup 栏*中添加*摄像机。在 Objects > Misc 中是可用的。

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此章节提供了关于在 CryENGINE 3 中使用摄像机的教程和文件。

  • 摄像机混合 如何在摄像机控制事件的内部和外部正确地混合摄像机。
  • 景深 解释在 CryENGINE 3 中“景深”的正确设置和使用。