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Irradiance Volumes were renamed to Light Propagation Volumes.


Irradiance Volumes is a system for creating high performance lighting that is able to simulate radiosity and add color to reflected light. So, for example white light hitting a red object will produce a pinkish reflection on nearby surrounding objects. In addition, Irradiance Volumes allow us to effectively place as many lights as we need, even with overlapping radii. This makes it very good for cut-scenes and high quality interior lighting. Basically, this is like having the regular deferred system, plus a special volume in which there are no restrictions to overlapping lights and you get simulated radiosity.

Placing an Irradiance Volume

Following is a short guide for how to use it in the Sandbox Editor.


The performance is constant and doesn't depend on the number of lights. So, that means that if you add it once, it doesn't matter how many lights will be placed into it.


Where does this fit in with deferred shading?


Simply create a common light and make sure you check "deferredshading" and "Irradiancevolumes" in the light properties. Make sure it intersects with the Irradiance volume.

Sample Images

The irradiance volume grid in the Editor.