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The CryENGINE Sandbox Editor supports contains a powerful Particle editing tool to give you access to CRYENGINE's advanced particle effectssystem, which artists and level designers use to create realistic explosions, fire, and smoke effects .

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and much more.

Please also refer to the the Shader Reference page for more information on the Particles Shader.

[Particle Editor]
The Particle Editor can be found in the Database View/Particles tab. You can use the Particle Editor to create particle effects and tweak their parameters, but also manage and store them.

[Creating a Simple Particle Effect]
Learn how to create a simple particle effect by using the Particle tab of the DataBase View.

[Adding More Details to a Particle Effect]
Add more details to particle effects with sparks, animated textures, and smoke.

[Creating a Fireworks Particle Effect]
Use the Advanced Property settings in the Particle tab to create realistic fireworks effects.

[Using Particles in Animations]
Learn how to set up particles in animations.

[Particle Reference]
This is a reference document for the features of particles, as well as for their authoring environment.