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Terrain Lighting


Light Type 

DEPRECATED - Switch between different lighting modes.

Time of Day

Allows you to change the time of day so you can preview your lighting changes across varying times.

Sun Direction

Changes the direction where the sun should rise.


Will change if the sun is closer to the north or south pole

Moon/Sun Shadow Transition

As there can be only sun or moon lighting you need to adjust following parameters to adjusted the time when the sun lighting should be active and when the moon lighting should be active.

Dawn Time

Sets the time when the sun should rise.

Dawn Duration

Changes the duration of the moon to sun lighting transition phase.

Dusk Time

Sets the time when the sun should set.

Dusk Duration

Changes the duration of the sun to moon lighting transition phase.

Force sky update

Selecting this check box forces a complete update of the sky light calculations in each frame; if .
If the check box is deselected, calculations are distributed over several frames and it can take some time until the effect of the modified parameters becomes visible.


Import lighting settings from a saved lighting (.lgt) file.


Export current settings to a lighting (.lgt) file

Terrain Occlusion

To create the effect of indirect lighting the amount of light occlusion can be adjusted here.

Super Sampling

Interpolates the pixels of indirect sampling data so there are no hard transition between them.