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Shows a overhead map of the level with helper, terrain, and texture information.

Docking Windows and Tools

Scaling and Moving Tools

Scaling and moving tools works the same way as in Windows. Move the mouse pointer to the edge of the window so that it turns into a double-ended arrow. Click and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse cursor.

Docking Tools to the side of the Viewport

Docking helpers will automatically appear whenever you drag a window over another window, or the Sandbox Editor itself.

To dock the selected window to the left of the viewport, drag the window by its title bar and move it over to the left of the main view window, on to the docking button.

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Now, the window is docked. To undock it, drag the title bar again and move the selection window away (make sure that you don't accidentally re-dock it by moving it over a different button).

Docking a Window within another Window

Open up the View menu and open another tool (for example, the Flow Graph editor).

Now, drag the selected window to the Flow Graph window. The docking buttons will be displayed again. Use the lower, central button to dock the selected window in the lower half of the Flow Graph window.

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You can also dock windows at the top and sides by using the other docking buttons.

Now, as before, drag the title bar of the selected window away to un-dock it.

Docking a Window as a Tab in another Window

This is a great space saver, especially if you have only one monitor.

You may have noticed previously that when you move a window within another window, a new central, circular button is displayed.

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This allows you to place the currently selected window as a tab within another window.

Drag the selected window to the Flow Graph window, and on to the dock as tab button in the center.

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You will notice that there are now two tabs at the bottom of the window, Flow Graph and Select Objects.

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You can select each window by clicking its appropriate tab. You can un-dock a window by dragging its tab to another part of the screen.


Learn how to configure the main viewport.