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The Animation Graph - Getting Started

Telling a Character which AnimationGraph to use

AnimationGraphs can be used by multiple characters, or a character can have its own. Commonly, the player has his own AG, and all humanoid AI/NPC characters have one they share. Special character types, like animals, might have their own graphs. Graphs can be shared as long as the animation names are identical, even if they point to different files on the hard drive. Use the .chrparams file to set this up. The AnimationGraph a character uses can be changed at runtime with Flow Graph or code.



Please note that you do not have to provide an upper body graph. Just leave the string empty ("").
Do NOT specify the fullbody graph on both layers, as it will cause problems with animations not being played.

Opening the AG Editor

The AnimationGraph is located with the other View Panes in the Menu View -> Open View Pane.


Opening the Animation Graph Editor

The Interface

First Steps


Animation Graph - 入门


多个角色可以使用多个动画图,一个角色也可以拥有其自己的动画图。通常情况下,玩家有其自己的动画图,所有类似人类的 AI/NPC 角色共享一个动画图。动物等特殊角色类型可能会有其自己的动画图。只要动画名称相同都可以共享动画图,即使它们指向硬盘中不同的文件,这种动画图可以使用 .chrparams 文件来设置。角色使用的动画图在运行时可以通过流程图或代码进行更改。

角色的 lua 脚本定义了需要加载的角色动画图。对于 Hero 角色其 lua 脚本就是 Scripts/Entities/actor 文件夹中的 player.lua 文件。AI/NPC 这些角色通常源于 BasicActor.lua 或其他基底文件,它们也可以覆盖动画图属性并加载不同的图形。

  player.lua 文件


请注意,您不需要提供上半身图。只需保留空字符串 ("").

打开 AG 编辑器

动画图与其他视图窗格位于菜单 视图 -> *打开视图窗格*中。

这里有两个条目。"Animation Graph" 条目指向最新版本的动画图。由于向后兼容性的原因,弃用的 1.0 版动画图仍然可用(例如用于 Music Logic),但是除非是为了修复重要的程序漏洞,否则不再支持此本版。

Image Modified

  打开 Animation Graph 编辑器


Image Modified