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The CryENGINE Sandbox Editor supports advanced particle effects, which artists and level designers use to create realistic explosions, fire, and smoke effects. Please also refer to the the Shader Reference page for more information on the Particles Shader.


[Creating a Simple Particle Effect]
Learn how to create a simple particle effect by using the Particle tab of the DataBase View.

[Adding More Details to a Particle Effect]
Add more details to particle effects with sparks, animated textures, and smoke.

[Creating a Fireworks Particle Effect]
Use the Advanced Property settings in the Particle tab to create realistic fireworks effects.

[Using Particles in Animations]
Learn how to set up particles in animations.

[The Particle Editor]
The Particle Editor can be found in the Database View/Particles tab. You can use the Particle Editor to create particle effects and tweak their parameters, but also manage and store them.

[Particle Reference]
This is a reference document for the features of particles, as well as for their authoring environment.

[Creating Full Screen Effects Using Flow Graph]
It is possible to use the Flow Graph to create full screen effects. This document explains the nodes and functions for making these effects.