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A lot of the settings contained in the MapScreenShotSettings can be tweaked to create the most desirable results, but make sure to create a backup copy of the original MapscreenshotSettings.xml. The standing settings are shown here:

Code Block
<r_HDRRendering value="0">
<r_PostProcessEffects value="0">
<e_ScreenShotQuality value="0">
<e_ViewDistRatio value="10000">
<e_VegetationSpritesDistanceRatio value="20">
<e_ViewDistRatioVegetation value="100">
<e_Lods value="0">
<e_TerrainLodRatio value="0">
<e_Vegetation value="0">

For higher quality, you can adjust the Camera Height and Resolution settings from the Mini Map tool itself. In addition, you can also change some of the lines in the .xml file, or add new cvar commands. These settings will raise the quality and the amount of objects visible. Here is an example of some higher quality settings:

Code Block

<e_TerrainDetailMaterials value="100000">
<e_TerrainDetailMaterialsViewDistZ value="1000000">
<e_LodRatio value="0">
<e_ViewDistRatio value="100000">

Creating a Minimap

First, open the desired level in the Sandbox Editor.