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Widget Connector

This three-part audio master class includes an overview of audio production and design for games, working with audio C++ code and the CRYENGINE API, and a hands-on implementation of audio in the the CRYENGINE Audio Showcase Level, which you can download for free from the CRYENGINE Asset Database.

The presentation covers audio production as a whole, an overview of the core concepts in CRYENGINE's audio system, the audio setup process in CRYENGINE, how to use ambient sounds like echo and reverb, and an overview of audio code. The presentation also includes a Middleware tutorial using FMOD as an example, which you can follow along with by using the CRYENGINE Audio Showcase Level. This section contains an overview of the FMOD interface, creating and populating a sound bank, adding trigger spots to a level, making ambient sounds that loop continuously, creating a sound bank for particle effects, the debugging process, and more. 

In addition to downloading the CRYENGINE Audio Showcase level, you can also use the documentation, which contains a written version of the hands-on component of this master class as well as additional tutorials for WWise and SDL Mixer.