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This records player input/camera movement and plays it back. Some player actions such as vehicle movement are not supported.


  • stopdemo: Stop playing a time demo.
  • demo: Plays a time demo from file (Usage: demo demoname).
  • demo_fixed_timestep: Number of updates per second.
  • demo_panormaic: Panormaic view when playing back demo.
  • demo_restart_level: Restart level after each loop: 0 = Off; 1 = use quicksave on first playback; 2 = load level start.
  • demo_ai: Enable/Disable AI during the demo.
  • demo_savestats: Save level stats at the end of the loop.
  • demo_max_frames: Max number of frames to save.
  • demo_screenshot_frame: Make screenshot on specified frame during demo playback, If Negative, takes screen shoot every N frame.
  • demo_quit: Quit game after demo runs finished.
  • demo_continue: Continue game after demo runs finished.
  • demo_noinfo: Disable info display during demo playback.
  • demo_scroll_pause: ScrollLock pauses demo play/record.
  • demo_num_runs: Number of times to loop timedemo.
  • demo_profile: Enable demo profiling.
  • demo_time: Time demo filename.

h2. Demo Recording (Using the Network System)
*Note:* This method is currently in an unknown state. It is not used for autotest and benchmarking.

The demo recorder serializes all game events like a network server and writes them to a specified output file.

h3. Start Recording

To start recording load a map as usual but add "r" or "record" followed by the output file name in the command line.

{noformat} map levelname r output.rec {noformat}

All in game actions and events, including your own player character, are recorded. The recorder will eventually work in singleplayer and multiplayer game modes.

To stop recording, quit the game.

h3. Playback

To play a recorded file, use the "play" command followed by the file name.

{noformat} play output.rec {noformat}