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First thing you want to do in your level is raise the terrain above ocean level or lower the ocean level. See more on that here: Creating a New MapLevel.

Once you've got some play area, create a large Navigation Mesh area. Set it to "MediumSizedCharacters" which the standard AI characters are.


Like with most FG's, start off with a Game:Start node and link that to the "Sync" port of an AI:GoTo node.


Since CRYENGINE 3.6.3, the AI:Goto node has been deprecated because of its incompatibility with the AI Modular Behavior Tree system. See down a bit further for info regarding the preferred AISequence nodes and how to use them.

In the Editor perspective viewport, select the Human AI character, then in the "Choose Entity" input port on the AI:GoTo node, right click and "Assign selected entity".