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Make sure you read up on the Time of Day documentation to discover how to tweak environment fog for your level.

Fog (Obsolete)

Due to major changes to the Volumetric fog system, this entity is now obsolete. Use Fog Volumes instead and/or modify Fog values via the Time of Day tool.

The Fog entity is used to overwrite the fog effect in specific areas. In indoor areas a subtle fog effect can be added to simulate a dusty area.

To use, create an area shape and link the shape to the Fog Entity. When in game mode, you can walk into the area and see how the fog gets different inside. Outside Game mode the fog is not visible.




Defines the height of the density above sea level. The higher the atmosphere the less visible the effect of horizontal fog layers.


Sets up the time in which the fog takes to fade in.


Specifies the density of the fog.

Fog Volumes

FogVolumes exhibit the same properties of global volumetric fog, with the added benefit of locality. Currently supported volume types are boxes and ellipsoids (including spheres as a special case).