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Select/deselect this box to enable or disable this fog volume entityIf true, fog volume will be enabled.


Set Specify the RGB diffuse color of the fog colorvolume.


Offset fog density, used in conjunction with the Density GlobalDensity parameter.


This value controls Controls the latitude of the world space fall off direction of the fog.  A value of 90° lets the fall off direction point upwards in world space (respectively, -90° points downwards).
All values in-between create a direction along the specified longitude.

longitude 0°, latitude 90° / longitude 330°, latitude 45°


This value controls Controls the longitude of the world space fall off direction of the fog. 0° represents East, rotation is counter-clockwise.


This value scales Scales the density distribution along the fall off direction. Higher values will make the fog fall off more rapidly and generate thicker fog layers along the negative fall off direction.

Scale set to 0.5 and 2.0 (from left to right)


This value controls Controls how much to shift the fog density distribution along the fall off direction in world units (m).
Positive values will move thicker fog layers along the fall off direction into the fog volume. Negative values will move thick layers along the negative fall off direction out of the fog volume.

Shift set to -1.0 and 1.0 (from left to right)


This value controls Controls the global density of the fog. The higher the value the more dense the fog and the less you'll be able to see objects behind or inside the fog volume.


HDR brightness multiplier for the fog colorSpecifies how much brighter than the default 255,255,255 white the fog is.


Stop rendering the object, depending on camera distance to object.


This value specifies Specifies a factor that is used to soften the edges of the fog volume when viewed from outside.
A value of 0.0 produces hard edges. Increasing this value up to 1.0 will gradually soften the edges. This property currently has no effect on Box type Fog Volumes.


During rendering the Color If true, the color property is ignored. Instead, the current global fog color is used. Please refer to the Volumetric Fog page for further information.


Specifies the volume type. The following types are currently supported: 0 - Ellipsoid, 1 - Cube.

Type 0 - Ellipsoid (left), Type 1 - Cube (right)


The height/width/depth of the fog volume in world units (m). Non-uniform scaling is possible so height, width and depth don't have to be the same.

Tips and Troubleshooting



titleSpecial Tips
  • Fog volumes should not overlap. In some situations (i.e. clever placement of volumes) it might work but in general it won't. Fog volumes are internally treated and processed like alpha-transparent objects so the general sorting issue of these apply here as well. However, inclusion should work as it is guaranteed that smaller ones never overlap with bigger ones.
  • Even though alpha-transparent objects behind fog volumes will be fogged per-pixel, this is not the case for when they are inside fog volumes.
  • Fog densities cannot change in dynamic, non-uniform way (smoke-like). A particle effect with soft particle blending enabled is much better suited for that purpose.


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