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After completing this tutorial, you will be able to give weapons and equipment items to AI entities and to the player. You will also be able to carry the inventory of the player from one mission to another, as well as give the player specific items at the start of a level.

Table of Contents

Editing Equipment Packs

On the Game menu, click Edit Equipment-Packs.:

Using the drop-down list, select one of the Equipment-Packs.:

Image Modified

Or, create a new pack by clicking Add.:

Image Modified

Add and remove weapons and equipment items to and from the lists by using the << and >> buttons.


In the following picture we have a setup where on the completion or failure of MissionObjective5 we will save the player's inventory, fade out the screen and then trigger the next level.

Image Modified

Then once the next level has been loaded, we will restore the saved inventory, fade in and then activate the mission MissionObjective1.

Image Modified

Giving the Player Individual Weapons and Items

To give the player individual weapons and items, the Inventory Flow Graph nodes should be used.

Right-click the Flow Graph window .and find the Inventory nodes:

Image Modified




Specify which ammo type to give and also the amount.


Specify an equipment pack to give. Opens up the Equipment Pack dialog to chose from there.


Add a specific item to the players inventory.


Check for a specific ammo type and amount in the players inventory.


Check for a specific item in the players inventory.


Trigger the player to holster / un-holster their weapon.


Check for specific items in the players hands.


Remove all ammunition from the specified entities inventory.


Remove all inventory items (including weapons) from the specified entities inventory.


Remove a specific item from the specified entities inventory.


Use this to load up a previously saved player inventory.


For an item in the players inventory to be the selected weapon.


Specify an ammo type and set an exact amount.


Same as the SetAmmo node.


Save the players inventory state to be called on later with the RestorePlayerInventory node.

Use the Add Node/Misc/Start node to give the player a SCAR at the beginning of the level.:

Image Modified


When the player starts the mission, he will have the SCAR right at the beginning.

Image Modified

Some things to experiment with:

  • Play with the equipment packs to give the player an interesting setup at the start of the level, or to create a unique and varied feel to the enemy types.
  • If you're working with multiple level setups, it's a good idea (for testing purposes) to give the player appropriate weapons. However, when streaming between levels, it's a good idea to make sure that you don't give the player new weapons for free, or even take away any.
  • Attached to this page is a demonstration flowgraph Flowgraph xml that can be imported to your level to see the Inventory nodes in use. To do this, right click inside the flowgraph Flowgraph window and click import and the xml sheet. The sheet can be found here.


This tutorial shows users how to set up equipment packs from within Sandbox.