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In order to animate textures in Sandbox, you need to have a particular name in the material editor like this.

For a hands-on example please download this sample package here.

Naming in the Material Editor


  • number - Start of the texture name.
  • ## - Digits of animated sequence (two characters # mean two digits of animated sequence).
  • ns_ne - This is the first and last numbers of animated sequence respectively.
  • count - Optional end of texture name.
  • (0.5) - Optional time of single frame in seconds (default value is 0.05 seconds = 50 ms).

Here is an example of the texture in the material editor: objects/number##00_04count(0.5).dds

Texture names themselves

Then the actual textures should have the following names: number00count.tif, number01count.tif, ..., number05count.tif.

It's also possible to use the format: number00##. In this case the engine will try to load all textures from name number0000 until the last texture file that's available.

Example texture files


Information on naming animated textures.


若要在 Sandbox 中制作动画,编辑器中纹理的名称应根据以下命名规范来设置:



*前缀 - 纹理名称的开头部分。

  • ## - 动画序列的数字(两个字符 # 意味着动画序列的两个数字)。* ns_ne - 这分别是动画序列的第一个和最后一个数字。*后缀 - 纹理名称的可选结尾部分。
    *时间 - 以秒为单位的单帧的可选时间(默认值是 0.05 秒 = 50 ms)。

例如,纹理动画格式 Explode##00_12Bar (0.01)

意味着带有以下名称的纹理序列:以 10 ms 每帧的速度动画的 Explode00Bar、Explode01Bar、Explode02Bar、…、Explode12Bar。

也可以使用 sta00## 格式。这种情况下,引擎将尝试加载从名称为 sta0000 的纹理到可用的最后一个纹理文件的所有纹理。