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  • Use CrySkin Modifier to preview Spherical Skinning in 3ds Max. If you are already using the regular Skin modifier, it is easy to switch. Just save your weightmap (.env), delete the old skin modifier in Figure mode, add CrySkin with the same bones as before and load your saved weightmap.
  • Max Exporter for CRYENGINE 3.8.4 and later has an option to support up to 8 influences per vertex instead of 4.  Make sure you set the "Bone Affect Limit" to 8 in your CrySkin/Skin Modifier. Then please tick the checkbox on Please also activate the checkbox for "8 weights per vertex" in CRYENGINE Exporter Utility:

    If you set the weight count to a higher value, then CRYENGINE Resource Compiler will use no more than 8 bones anyway, so you might not get consistent result from what you see in 3ds Max viewport and in CE Sandbox.