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  • The diffuse map is used as the main source of color.
    • The alpha map defines the Iris and Pupil for the eye shader.
  • The three normal maps give the necessary normal information for the eye.
    • The first normal Normal map works as a regular one giving detail to the inner layer of the eye.
    • The Cornea normal map defines the surface shape of the eye.
  • The displacement map provides the information for how the iris and pupil should deform, this information is stored in the alpha of the texture (as standard for all _displ textures).
    • The Iris Depth slider under Shader Params can further tweak the intensity of the displaysmentdisplacement.
  • The SSS map dictates where the subsurface scattering effect should take place.
    • The Iris SSS slider under Shader Params can further control the intensity.


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Previous versions of the Eye shader had a dedicated "Subsurface" map but this is obsolete with the current Eye shader, as this masking information is received from the Diffuse Alpha channel and controlled with the Iris/Sclera SSS sliders.

Eye Water

  • The specular map defines where the highlights should occur.
    • Note even if it’s a specular map it hooks up to the diffuse slot of the texture maps.