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After Setting Up a Multiplayer Level and exporting the level to the game engine, you will be able to run a dedicated server and host your new level.

Preparing to Connect

Make sure the same SDK build is installed on all of the computers that you wish to play with.

Copy the multiplayer level folder to each SDK installation where you will play.

In the example of the Setting up a Multiplayer Level and in the standard SDK installation folder, copy the level to this folder: \<root>\Game\Levels

Hosting a Level on the Dedicated Server

The DedicatedServer.exe application is located in the \Bin64 directory.

The DedicatedServer application

Start the application on your host server. You will need to know the IP address for other players to join. Once the DedicatedServer program has loaded, enter the following commands:

  • sv_gamerules "DeathMatch"

Where "DeathMatch" are the rules for multiplayer game.
Where "YOURMAPNAME" is the name of the multiplayer map.

Connecting to the Server

Run the Launcher.exe program on each of the computers that will take part in the DeathMatch multiplayer game.

The Launcher application

Access the console by pressing the tilde "~" key. Type the following and press enter:

No Format

Where is the IP address of the host server.

Connecting to the host server will automatically launch the level and allow you to play a DeathMatch multiplayer game.

Server Command List

Server Settings:

Console Command


sv_bandwidth [50000] (Default: 50000)

Bit rate on server

sv_bind []

Bind server to a specific address.

sv_cheatprotection [3] (Default: 3)

Enables Crysis internal cheat protection.

sv_DedicatedCPUPercent [0] (Default: 0)

Sets the target CPU usage when running as a dedicated server, or disable this feature if it's zero. Usage: sv_DedicatedCPUPercent [0..100]

sv_DedicatedMaxRate [50] (Default: 50)

Sets the maximum update rate when running as a dedicated server. Usage: sv_DedicatedMaxRate [5..500]

sv_gamerules [gamerules]

Singleplayer or DeathMatch

sv_gs_report [1] (Default: 1)

Enables Gamespy server reporting. Necessary for NAT negotiation.

sv_gs_trackstats [1] (Default: 1)

Enables Gamespy stats tracking.

sv_lanonly 0 (Default: 0)

Set 1 for a LAN server.

sv_map [mapname]

The map the server should load.

sv_maxplayers [maxplayers] (Default: 32)

Number of max players on the server

sv_maxspectators [maxspec] (Default: 32)

Number of max spectators on a server

sv_packetrate [30] (Default: 30)

Packet rate on server.

sv_password [password]

Server password.

sv_port [64087] (Default: 64087)

Bind server to a specific port.

sv_ranked [0] (Default: 0)

Enables statistic report, for TSP servers only.

sv_say [... Your Message...]

Broadcasts a message to all clients.

sv_servername [name]

Name for the server that is used ingame. If no name is set machine name will be used instead.

sv_timeofdayenable [0] (Default: 0)

Enables time of day.

sv_timeofdaylength [1] (Default: 1)

Sets time of day changing speed.

sv_timeofdaystart [12] (Default: 12)

Sets time of day start time.

sv_voting_cooldown [180] (Default: 180)

Sets voting cool down time.

sv_voting_ratio [0.51] (Default: 0.51)

X% of player votes needed for successful vote.

sv_voting_team_ratio [0.61] (Default: 0.61)

X% of team member votes needed for successful vote.

sv_voting_timeout [60] (Default: 60)

Voting timeout in seconds.

Gameplay Settings:

Console Command


g_fraglead [1] (Default: 1)

Number of frags a player has to be ahead of other players once g_fraglimit is reached.

g_fraglimit [0] (Default: 0 = infinite)

Number of required frags before a round ends.

g_minplayerlimit [0] (Default: 0)

Minimum number of players before game starts.


Switches to next level of the map list.

g_DeathCam [1] (Default: 1)

Shows the killer's location.

g_revivetime [20] (Default: 20)

Revive time.

g_spectate_TeamOnly [0] (Default: 0)

If set to 1 (true) it allows to spectate your team mates only.

g_teamlock [2] (Default: 2)

Does not allow joining a team that has 2 more players than the other.

g_tk_punish [1] (Default: 1)

Allows team kill punishment.

g_tk_punish_limit [10] (Default: 10)

Number of team kills a user will be banned for.

g_teamlock [2] (Default: 2)

Number of players one team needs to have over the other to not allow joining this team anymore.

g_minteamlimit (1) (Default:1)

Minimum number of players in each team to start a match. For Power Struggle only.

g_friendlyfireratio [1] (Default: 1)

Sets friendly damage ratio. [0] will disable friendly fire.

Common Commands:

Console Command


Ban [playername]

Bans player for [ban_timeout] minutes from server.

ban_remove [playername]

Removes player from ban list.


Shows currently banned players.


Ban timeout in minutes.


Notifies clients on server about the next map.

Kick [playername]

Kicks player from the server.

Kickid [playerid]

Kicks player via ID from the server.


Shows current status of server.