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For curious readers: tags are case insensitive. I.e. the tag "CINEMATIC" will be treated the same way as "cinematic".


Compression Presets can be used to apply the same set of compression rules to multiple animations at once. You can locate them in the Compression section of the Asset Explorer.

Each compression preset entry defines a filter that can match animations according to a certain filter, i.e. a set of criteria such as folder, filename or tags. Such criteria can be combined using logical operations into a complex condition, like "in folder and doesn't contain specific tag but has substring in name". When multiple presets match the same animation only the first one is used. You can always preview which compression setting entry was applied to animation in the animation properties (by selection a specific animation in the asset explorer).

Compression presets are saved in: <GameFolder>/Animations/CompressionPresets.json.

DBA Creation

DBA files are bundles of animations which can be streamed in and out as one. They are typically smaller and take up less memory than individual animations. For detailed information, see Database File (dba).


DBAs are created using the same filters as compression presets. I.e. you can define a combination of criteria, e.g. location, name or tags to select animations for a specific DBA.

DBA descriptions are saved into: Animations/DBATable.json and used by the RC at build time to create actual DBA files.

The DBA Table can be found in the Compression section of the Asset Explorer.

Define Animation Filter (DBA or Compression Presets)

An Animation Filter allows you to choose a set of animation files for specific DBA or Compression Preset. An Animation Filter is defined as a tree of condition nodes.

Some of them are condition nodes that can be used to group other nodes, like "And" and "Or", the rest are used to check some of the criteria of the animation.




Succeeds when all of the child conditions succeed.

Contains In Name

Checks for a substring within animation name.

Has Tags

Checks if animation has all of the listed tags.
Tags are stored in ANIMSETTINGS and can be set in Animation Properties (see above).

In Folder

Check if animation is located within a specific folder.


Succeeds when at least one of the child conditions succeeds.

Skeleton Alias

Checks if animation uses specific Skeleton Alias. Skeleton aliases are defined in the Skeleton Table.