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This section serves as a an introduction as to how CRYENGINE functions on supported platforms (other than on Windows). Details include the setup of the development environment and instructions for deployment and debugging.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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To develop on certain platforms, then a Developer MUST be registered with the platform provider i.e. Sony or Microsoft. Also, access to some CRYENGINE documentation is restricted to approved Developers only.

Registering as a Certified Developer

In order to become a Certified Developer on either PlayStation or Xbox then you must be registered by Sony or Microsoft. To register, follow the links below;



Once Registered


  1. Once registered, you MUST then verify your console licence with Sony
  2. Crytek will then contact you and ask you for your GitHub and CRYENGINE usernames
  3. Crytek will make the respective PlayStation repository available to you from GitHub and give you access to CRYENGINE PlayStation documentation


You MUST contact Crytek at with the following information;

  1. Your region
  2. Name of your company or the name of the individual that has been registered with Microsoft
  3. Email address that was used when registering as a Developer with Microsoft
  4. Your GitHub account name
  5. Your CRYENGINE username
  6. Crytek will make the respective Xbox repository available to you from GitHub and give you access to CRYENGINE Xbox documentation 

Platform Specific Documentation

Follow the links below for documentation (these links are restricted to registered Developers only).