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The section below provides information on how to set up your lowpoly & highpoly models to calculate a high quality normal map.

Table of Contents

Broken Normal Map Seams

Many times after rendering out a normal map in Xnormal, applying it to the low res mesh and looking it in Cryengine you have normal map seams like in the picture below. In this tutorial we will explain what they are, why they happen and what to do to avoid them.


There multiple options to solve this, you should choose which one is the most effective for the particular situation.

Using a custom render cage in xNormal

xNormal offers the option to use a custom cage that is created and then exported from the modeling package.


This will also speed up the process compared to the option below, since the rays are being caught correctly due to the bevel offering extra geometry.

How to lay out UVs based on smoothing groups to get a clean normal map using xNormal

To get the best results when rendering out a normal map when using xNormal it is advisable to split the low poly asset into different smoothing groups and have for each smoothing group it's own UV island.