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First open the Material Editor and go to the tutorial_detail_bending material under:

  • <GameFolder>\<Your_Project>\Assets\Objects\tutorial\vegetation\03\bush\detail_bending\


Here we are using the default values that we setup set up in the DCC tool. Opacity at 100% and the AlphaTest set to 50.


Before we continue to configure the material params, it will help if we place some of these bush objects down using the vegetation tool to get instant visual feedback as we update the material. We will not go into an in-depth tutorial of the vegetation tool here.


For more information

of the usage of the vegetation tool

on Vegetation Editor, see HERE.

Create a vegetation group and add the bush

Go to the Tools dropdown listmenu option, and select the Vegetation Editor.


In the browse dialog, go to your folder where you saved the asset and select the model (*.cgf):

  • <GameFolder>\<Your_Project>\Assets\Objects\tutorial\vegetation\03\bush\detail_bending\tutorial_detail_bending>